Industries Served

Industries We Serve

We are licensed and qualified to work with clients across all ranges of industry. However, we specialize in working with organizations that have to comply with very strict government regulations in their daily operations, such as political action committees or federally-funded veterans outreach programs. Our clients generally have all the financial and accounting burdens of an ordinary business enterprise, plus the added stress of Big Brother looking over their shoulders.

One heavily regulated industry in which we have extensive experience is multi-family housing, particularly housing that is subsidized or insured through HUD or FHA government programs. Sovereign is able to quickly and effectively complete the required financial and compliance audits for HUD program participants.

Most often, the organizations with whom we work are non-profits, such as community action agencies, scholarship foundations, homeless shelters, and affordable housing communities. Generally, our clients depend on federal grants and subsidies to sustain their operations. Always, this government money has strings attached. We make it our business to know and understand the rules you have to play by, and to be a resource for you whenever you need expert assistance.

Federal regulations can be confusing and serpentine. The complicated design and vast size of the United States government can be imposing for any organization. Whether you need assistance finding your way to the top, or would just like to stay there, we know the steps to achieving your organization's goals. Sovereign is experienced with the government's convoluted rules, and can help you navigate its rigid structure in an artful and successful way. And if your organization does not receive government funding, we can complete your audit and tax return even faster.