Costs for our services

We are very experienced, and know what we are doing! Unlike much of the competition, we work efficiently and knowledgeably, and therefore do not need to charge you for our learning curve. Because of our efficiencies, the fees we quote prospective clients are usually significantly lower than what they are accustomed to paying for CPA services.

Our prospective clients receive all-inclusive upfront fee quotes for each engagement, so you will know in advance exactly what your costs will be. We build in time for consulting on complicated issues, responding to government inquiries, and answering questions. Since our pricing is pre-set, clients never receive unhappy surprises relating to fees with Sovereign!

While not predictable, it is not unusual for us to identify tax or purchasing issues that translate into “found money” for our clients – often in sizable amounts. You may have overpaid sales taxes, paid an invoice with an error on it, or missed out on lost revenue that can still be recovered. Our attention to detail is just one way that our services can sometimes “pay for themselves.”

Please contact us today, and we will prepare a detailed proposal for your services. We look forward to saving you significant money!