Our Services

Our Services

Our services are timely, are completed accurately, and are designed to surpass every applicable professional standard: your own, your stakeholders', and those imposed by governmental regulators.

For clients who work with federal funding agencies, we build time into every audit engagement for followup with government regulators. Whether you need to send an e-mail response to a simple inquiry from a local agency official, or are dealing with a full-blown investigation by the inspector general, Sovereign can help. We make ourselves fully available to you in these often frustrating and confusing situations. Regulatory consulting is one of the most valuable services we offer, and we take pride in the work we have done to help our clients comprehend, and stand up to, Big Brother.

         Audit / Assurance
  • Single audits under Title 2 CFR, Part 200
  • Financial statement and compliance audits
  • Reviews and compilations
         Advisory Services
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Consulting on business and strategy matters
  • Follow-up on inquiries from regulatory agencies
  • Individual income tax
  • Partnerships & corporations 
  • Exempt organization filings
         Other Services
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Internal control design
  • Regulatory filings

We understand that your day to day business activity has to continue during the audit process, and that preparing for the audits can be very stressful on your management and accounting personnel. We work hard to mitigate this stress by asking for only essential items, and making sure we avoid unnecessary questions.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll have fun the entire time (this is, after all, accounting we’re talking about!), Sovereign can assure you that our team will make the audit process as non-invasive, brief, and painless as is humanly possible.